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MLB Manger Online Fall Update

Sep.30,2011 02:00[EDT]

MLB Manger Online Fall Update

Thank you for playing MLB Manager Online.

There are lots of exciting new updates coming in October.

2011 Season Player Data
Data for players in your roster will update automatically to match the 2011 season when the cycle for your world changes. VS Dream Team data will also update at the same time.

* Please note player scouting files will still show stats from the 2010 season.

New CH (Career High) Players!
We are introducing a whole load of new CH players.
Now is the time to make use of these great players to give your team the edge!

* New CH players will appear in each world when the cycle changes.

Unlimited Scouting and Shop!
We have had lots of comments asking to be able to scout for more players or buy more cards. After the update, you will be able to scout or buy cards from the shop to your heart's content, providing you still have enough points left, of course. The same goes for training and support cards!
New Max Points Limit!
We are raising the initial max points limit for every player from 100,000 to 200,000 points. You can then use the premium service to increase your max points in 200,000 point increments.

* Anyone using the Boost Max Points service when the Autumn Update occurs will receive the following max points increase.

  • Once (150,000 points) + 200,000 = 400,000 points
  • Twice (200,000 points) + 600,000 = 800,000 points
  • Three times (300,000 points) + 1,000,000 = 1,200,000 points

Extra Slots!
The number of CH Player slots will increase by 1 to a maximum of 7. Also, the number of Player Support slots will increase by 1 to a maximum of 5. Now you can make your team even stronger!
More Uses for Points
After the update, you will be able to use points for a much wider variety of things, from extending CH Player shots to conducting extra training and much more. You will even be able to use your points to play the Arcade to get rare, valuable items such as scouting tickets.
New Premium Service Items
Some great new items are coming to the Premium Service. You will now be able to buy packs of 10 rare training and support card. There is also the all new Lucky Training Card, guaranteed to give great training results every time. What is more, these new items also come with up to 350,000 bonus points!
Revised Arcade Prize Lineup
Arcade A will now only give out scouting tickets. Training and support cards in Arcades B and C will now come in multiples.
Easier to understand Premium Service time limits
There will be a new icon on the main menu that links directly to the Service Menu. The icon will light up if a service you are using is within three days of expiring so you can easily keep track of services you are using.

There are plenty more updates for you to look forward to, including an increased max training and support card limit and a revised game balance.

* 2011 Player Data will be added to each world on the following days:

  • World US 101:10/7 23:00
  • World US 102:10/10 23:00

* Dream Teams Reset

  • The data for VS Dream Teams will reset during October 6th maintenance. Please note that exhibition matches against Dream Teams will not be available from the end of October 6th maintenance to the end of October 13th maintenance.
  • Dream Teams will be added gradually after the end of October 13 maintenance.
  • The win bonus for each team will also be reset at the same time, so you will be also to play any teams you have previously beaten and get the bonus points again.

Please keep enjoying the world of MLB Manager Online!

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