Double Tournament!

Oct.06,2011 17:00[EDT]

Double Tournament!

Thank you for playing MLB Manager Online.

We will be holding two tournaments, one Scout Cup and one Training Cup, between Saturday, October 8th and Monday, October 10th.

Check below for tournament details and schedule.

Double Tournament Schedule

Tournament Schedule
Tournament Registration Opens Tournament Begins Results Published
Scout Cup 10/7(Fri)22:30 10/8(Sat)21:30 10/10(Mon)4:00
Trainer’s Cup 10/9(Sun)22:30 10/10(Mon)21:30 10/12(Wed)4:00
Registration Fees
500 pts
  • * You will earn points based on your team’s performance in all tournament games.
Position Scout Cup Trainer’s Cup
Winner Cost 8 Scout Ticket x1 Lv.3 Training Card x3
Runner Up Cost 7 Scout Ticket x1 Lv.3 Training Card x2
Best 4 Cost 6 Scout Ticket x1 Lv.2 Training Card x2
Best 8 Cost 6 Scout Ticket x1 Lv.1 Training Card x2
Best 16 Cost 6 Scout Ticket x1 Lv.1 Training Card x1
  • * The type of training card you receive will be randomly selected.

For details on how to enter, check results, and other tournament information, please see the following page.

Please Note
  • * Your roster at the start of the tournament will be used for the entire tournament.
  • * You can cancel your registration by clicking the “Cancel” button before the tournament begins.
  • * Tournaments may be cancelled due to lack of participants, or necessary emergency maintenance.
  • * You cannot view tournament results once the publication period has expired.
  • * Please make sure you check the tournament results. You will not receive your prize points or entry reward until you check the results. If you do not check your results before the publication period expires, you will not receive your prize points or entry reward.

We look forward to seeing you at the tournaments.
Please keep enjoying the world of MLB Manager Online.

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