WCT team set up bug

Oct.14,2011 07:10[EDT]

WCT team set up bug

Thank you for playing MLB Manager Online.

We are sorry to announce that a bug occurred with the Thurs, Oct 13 World Champions Tournament. As a result of this bug, teams entered into the WCT did not have the correct team set up when the tournament began. We are currently working to fix the problem.

The first round of the tournament has already occurred, but because incorrect teams were fielded this round will be invalid. When the problem is fixed the tournament will restart with the original correct team data. We will let you know when the tournament will restart as soon as the problem is fixed.

As compensation, all teams entered into the WCT will receive 300,000 points during Oct 20th (Thurs) regular maintenance.

Please accept our apologies for this. We thank you for your continued support.

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