[Completed] Nov. 3 Regular Maintenance

Nov.03,2011 15:30[EDT]

[Completed] Nov. 3 Regular Maintenance

Thank you for playing MLB Manager Online.

The regular maintenance for Thursday, November 3, 2011 finished at 3:30 pm EDT.

  • "CH Players Scout" and "Manager Scout" are newly added to "Daily Special" in Scouting.
  • Change Arcade A winning rate:
    According to High demand for completing Player Album,
    it becomes easier to get Scouting tickets for Team, Manager and CH players.
    You can use these tickets anytime you want.
    You will not receive duplicates of players you already have when you use a Scouting ticket.
    Please try to complete Player Album with Arcade A!
Bug Fix
  • Player Album completion was not acknowledged and/or completion bonus was not rewarded occasionally in Player Album - Fixed
    Compensations will be rewarded automatically when resuming the game from the regular maintenance.
  • Players in Trade slot were locked as "Pending Trade" and impossible to assign to roster after cycle renewal - Fixed.
Additional Dream Teams
  • Team Technique - A team made up of MLB players with superior skills in Contact and Control
  • Team Georgia - A team made up of MLB players born in Georgia
  • Team June - A team made up of MLB players born in June.

We thank you for your support!
Keep enjoying the world of MLB Manager Online!

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