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[Completed] Dec. 21 Regular Maintenance

Dec.21,2011 15:00[EST]

[Completed] Dec. 21 Regular Maintenance

Thank you for playing MLB Manager Online.
The regular maintenance for Wednesday, December 21, 2011 finished at 3:00 pm EST.

  • Introducing the new Super Major Class!

    The Super Major Class occurs just once per cycle in the 3rd regular season and is a special class for the very best teams in MLB Manager Online.

    Only teams ranked number 1 in the Major Class at the end of the 2nd regular season can earn promotion to this elite division.

    * The next 3rd regular season for each world starts on:
    World US 101: 2012/1/5 (Thurs) 23:00
    World US 102: 2012/1/8 (Sun) 23:00

    How can I be promoted to a higher class?
  • Total Cost increased!

    Until now the team’s Total Cost has increased by 1 point every day of the regular season. As well as this, from now on the Total Cost will also increase by 5 points on the 6th day of each regular season, meaning you don’t have to wait days to add that high cost player who’s been warming the bench in the dugout.

  • Team Cost
  • Some text and images have also been updated.
New Dream Teams
  • Beginner: Right-Hand Men, a team made up exclusively of right handed players.
  • Advanced: World Finalists, SEGA’s pick from both 2011 World Series teams.

We thank you for your support!
Keep enjoying the world of MLB Manager Online!

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