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[Completed] Jan. 26 Regular Maintenance

Jan.26,2012 15:00[EST]

[Completed] Jan. 26 Regular Maintenance

Thank you for playing MLB Manager Online.

The regular maintenance for Thursday, January 26, 2012 finished at 3:00 pm EST.

  • Introducing the new Premium service, “Reset Player Album”!
  • Use the “Reset Player Album” to reset the Player Album to its original state!!

    * The Player Album will reset to 0 Players regardless of current Player Files.
    Players will be registered to the Player Album after acquiring from Scouting and Trade again.

    * The reset date can be checked on the top right of the Player Album screen.

  • Last Acquired Date of Players can be checked.
  • After today’s Maintenance, the Acquired Date is written on Players (including duplicates) acquired through Scouting and Trade.
    This can be checked under the “Stats” tab in the Player File.

    * Users can check the last Acquired Date to confirm that a Player was properly registered after using the Reset Player Album.

New Dream Team
  • Intermediate:Team January, a team made up of players born in January.

We thank you for your support!
Keep enjoying the world of MLB Manager Online!

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