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[Completed] Mar. 1 Regular Maintenance

Mar.01,2012 13:30[EST]

[Completed] Mar. 1 Regular Maintenance

Thank you for playing MLB Manager Online.

The regular maintenance for Thursday, March 1, 2012 finished at 1:30 pm EST.

  • Changes have been made to the game mechanics.
  •  > Adjusted Fielders with low Hitting power to perform better than before.
     > Adjusted Pitchers with overall high Ability to perform better than before.
     > Adjusted for a more effective Home advantage only for the Regular Season.
       (There is no game mechanic advantage or disadvantage for other modes.)

    With the new adjustments, Pitchers will become more viable overall.
    Experiment with new rosters and get the true MLB experience!

    (Bonuses such as Training, Support, and Duplicates will not be affected by the changes above.)

  • The count number and ball speed will both be displayed in “Watch Sim” view.
  • Winners of the Super Major League can qualify for the WCT!
  • Bonus for creating a new team increased from 50,000pts to 150,000pts!
    Changes in WCT Qualification Rules & Increased New Team Creation Bonus Announcement
New Dream Team
  • Advanced:NL Runners Up 2011, SEGA's pick of the best players from the 2011 National League division runners up.
Bug Fixes
  • While in data list mode, the list entry number will not return after pressing the default button. -FIXED
  • While in the scout file, the mini panel displays the old Blue Jays logo. -FIXED

We thank you for your support!
Keep enjoying the world of MLB Manager Online!

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