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MLBO Farewell Cup!

May.11,2012 03:00[EDT]

MLBO Farewell Cup!

Thank you for playing MLB Manager Online.

We will be staging the MLBO Farewell Cup as a huge “Thank You!” to all our fans!
Sign up to be guaranteed over 30,000 points, so join in the heat of competition until the very end!

MLBO Farewell Cup Summary

Friday, May 11th, 2012 - Wednesday, June 27th, 2012
Tournament Schedule
Tournament Players Registration Opens Tournament Begins Results Published
MLBO Farewell Cup All Owners Tues. Fri. Sat. 22:30 EDT
Between the Duration
Wed. Sat. Sun. 21:30 EDT
Between the Duration
48 hours After Tournament Begins
MLBO Farewell Cup
Rookie, A, AA Class Team Owners

* You will earn points based on your team’s performance in all tournament games.


All tournaments feature the following prizes.

Points Item
Winner 300,000 pts “Cost 10 Scout Ticket” x 1
Tournament Limited Support Card x 3
Runner Up 300,000 pts -
Best 4 200,000 pts -
Best 8 130,000 pts -
Best 16 100,000 pts -
Best 32 80,000 pts -
Best 64 50,000 pts -
All Entrants 30,000 pts -
Support Cards will be awarded from the following list
Card Level
AL Pennant Race Lv.2
NL Pennant Race Lv.2
Clubhouse Expansion Lv.2
Bobblehead Day Lv.2
Winning Ball Lv.2

For details on how to enter, check results, and other tournament information, please see the following page.

Please Note
  • * Your roster prior to the tournament opening is the roster used in the tournament.
  • * You can cancel your registration for a tournament by clicking the "Cancel" button before the tournament starts.
  • * Tournaments may be cancelled due to lack of participants, or necessary emergency maintenance.
  • * You cannot view tournament results once the publication period has expired.
  • * Please make sure you check the tournament results. Even if you place in the top 64, you will not receive your prize until you check the results. If you do not check your results before the publication period expires, you will not receive your prize points.

We look forward to seeing you at the tournaments.
Please continue enjoying the world of MLB Manager Online.

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