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Spring Update starts for MLB Manager Online

Apr.13,2011 04:15[EDT]

Spring Update starts for MLB Manager Online

Thank you for taking part in the Spring Training for MLB Manager Online.

We would like to announce some elements of the Spring Update available to you from April 14.

Introducing our CH Players!

Career High (CH) Players will bring in their powerful skills into your team!
Make sure you add them to your team's starting lineup and experience the success!

New Special Scouts!

Special Scout will be added as a Scout option.
You can narrow down your scout by team, Players position and cost, for example players with cost 7 or even you can narrow down to a search for Managers!
Customize your team by adding your favorite players!

Improved Game Simulation!

Upgrades have been made so that games are played according to real world MLB situations. Pitchers will aim high for strikes, and batters will aim for better batting!

The error for "Fewest Pitches" under Team Data> Records Tab will be fixed in the next maintenance. Because of this, the record for "Fewest Pitches" will reset in the next maintenance. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Other updates such as increasing points you can acquire in the Season Match, and Premium
Service with the use of SEGA Coin (SC) will be introduced.

The give aways for the Closed Beta Test Thank You Campaign will be given out after this maintenance.

Thank you for your support.
Enjoy playing MLB Manager Online!

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