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Getting ready to play

Before game play

Q.I get disconnected from the game. / I cannot create a new team.
A.If you are experiencing connection problems within the game or if an error occurs after clicking the "Edit Team" button or when selecting your world or you cannot proceed by clicking the game start button after logging in, one of the following error messages should appear:
  • Disconnected from the server
  • Error code – 102
  • http error : access failed
  • Server error has occurred
  • http error (timeout)
  • The software version is outdated
Please try the following actions to resolve the situation:
  • * Change your browser settings to accept all Cookies
  • * Reset your pc's time settings to the time zone of your location where you are accessing to the internet from
  • * Release TCP Protocol port 80, 10070, 10080
    • Please refer to each browser manual for changes in setup.
    • We kindly ask the users to take responsibility in changing their browser setup.
    • Please check the settings for Firewall, security software and antivirus software.
  • * Please try accessing to the game using different browsers.
  • * Please try logging in again after deleting the browser cache.
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