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24 Hour Tournament Rally Winners!

Jan.05,2012 07:10[EST]

24 Hour Tournament Rally Winners!

Thank you for playing MLB Manager Online.

The 24 Hour Tournament Rally was a roaring success and now it is time to announce the winners.
Congratulations to alexpj2 from US 101 and Ice Cold from US 102!

24 Hour Tournament Rally

24 Hour Tournament Rally Winners

World Owner Team Name Tournament Wins
World US 101 alexpj2 NY Metros 7
World US 102 Ice Cold AssBlasters 13

The winner in each world will receive the following Health Spa Set.

  Points Item
Health Spa Set 150,000 pts Sauna Support Card Lv.3 x1
Hot Tub Support Card Lv.3 x1

Please Note
  • * The Health Spa Set will be awarded in Friday, January 6th.
  • * Please make a careful note of your max points limit, as any points awarded that exceed your maximum number of points will be lost.

Thanks to everyone who joined in the 24 Hour Tournament Rally.
Please keep enjoying the world of MLB Manager Online.

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