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MLB Manger Online Winter Update

Jan.11,2012 22:00[EST]

MLB Manger Online Winter Update

Thank you for playing MLB Manager Online.

We have a whole host of new features and updates coming in our Winter Update on January 12th.

2011 Full Season Player Data
We are updating each player’s stats to reflect the end of the 2011 season. All player data will be automatically updated in each world when the cycle changes. Data for each MLB team will also be updated at the same time.
2012 Team Names and Logos
Unlimited Contract Extensions
Up until now it has only been possible to extend a player’s contract by one cycle, but after the update you will be able to extend any player’s contract indefinitely. As long as you have enough contract extension tickets, you will be able to extend your favorite players’ contracts as many times as you like.

 * Contract Extension Ticket are available from Arcade B or the Service Menu.
* The maximum number of cycles that a contract can be extended to at any one time is 3. Once a player’s contract has dropped below 3 cycles you can use another Contract Extension Ticket.

Trade Extended Contract Players
Providing players have the same number of cycles, you will now be able to trade any player, regardless of whether they have had their contract extended or not.
Many New CH (Career High) Players
We are introducing a whole host of new CH Players to help you strengthen your team.

 * New CH Players will be added to each world when the cycle changes.

Revised Training Slot Specs
Each time a cycle changes the final (5th) training slot for each player will close and the final training result will be lost. This will give you the opportunity to retrain your players in light of your new season line up.

 * CH player or players who have not yet opened their 5th training slot will not be affected.
* Learned skills will not be affected.

We’ve increased the effect on points gained when using the Cap Day support card from 1.5x to 3x.
New Team Colors and Revised Team Color Balance
New Team Color - All Righty Lineup
We have also adjusted the balance of the following team colors: All Lefty Lineup, All Righty Lineup, Zigzag Lineup, Switchers.
Various text updates
* 2011 end of season player data will be added to each world on the following days:
  • World US 101:1/17 23:00
  • World US 102:1/20 23:00
* Dream Teams Reset
  • The data for VS Dream Teams will be reset during the January 12th maintenance. Please note that exhibition matches against Dreams Teams will not be available from the end of January 12th maintenance to the end of January 19th maintenance.
  • Dream Teams will be gradually added after the January 13th maintenance.
  • The win bonus for each team will be reset at the same time, so you will be able to play any teams you have previously beaten and get the bonus points again.

Please keep enjoying the world of MLB Manager Online.

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