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Q.How can I increase my Team Cost Limit?
A.Team Cost Limit changes depending on the Season and Class your team belongs to. The Team Cost Limit is identical for all players in a league ? what you do within that limit determines if you win or lose. Team Cost Limits will rise as you play, and will jump dramatically when you enter a new class. Be sure to log in and check your Team Cost Limit often, especially at the beginning of a new season.
  1. Team Cost will rise daily as you play in the Season games.
    (Team Cost will be higher in Season 3 compared to Season 1.
    Your Team Cost will go back to default in Season 1.)
  2. Team Cost will also rise when your team is promoted to a higher class.
    The higher the class, the more the team cost is increased.
Check here for the default Team Cost in the beginning of each season. Team Cost
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