Game Flow

The regular season for MLB Manager Online runs automatically, meaning games will be held even if you are not logged in.
Log in every day since points to strengthen your team are randomly granted the first time you log in each day!
Enjoy an "Exhibition Match" where you can play against other players in ranking matches or real MLB teams in NPC matches at any time.

* There is a limit to the number of ranking matches you can play per day.

Seasons and Cycles

One cycle for MLB Manager Online consists of approximately 34 days and contains 3 seasons per cycle.
One season consists of one regular season that plays 150 matches over 10 days, and the Champions Tournament, where the top teams of the regular season compete for one day, adding up to a total of 11 days. The top players of the cycle will compete for the title of World Champion in the World Tournament which is held at the end of season 3.
The cycle will end when the World Tournament is completed. As each cycle ends, the contract term for players will decrease by one, and players with expired contracts will be removed from the team.

Champions Tournament World Tournament

Starting Off from the "Rookie Class"

After you create your team, you will start off from the "Rookie Class".
You cannot trade or auction your players during this period.
Take the chance to become familiar with the basic operations for MLB Manager Online as a rookie!

  • * All players will be promoted to A class regardless of stats.
  • * You cannot play in the Champions Tournament or the World Tournament in the Rookie Class.

Class Promotion

150 matches are played per season. Getting promoted to the next class is determined according to the standings at the end of each season.
Only the teams that are ranked high will be promoted to the next class; all other teams will be demoted to the next lowest class.


1 league consists of 16 teams (including NPC) in the same class.
Each team will play in a round-robin schedule consisting of 10 rounds for a total of 150 matches.


Each player has a set cost. The goal is to create a strong team without exceeding the maximum team cost.
As the season advances, the team cost will change according to the following.

  1. Team cost will gradually rise everyday as you compete in Regular Season games.
  2. Team cost will rise as you get promoted to a higher class.
  3. The team cost will be set at default value for the class of the next season, at the end of each cycle.
First Season Second Season Third Season
Major 101 121 141
AAA 91 111 131
AA 81 101 121
A 71 91 111
Rookie 59 59 59

* The roster will automatically be adjusted if the team cost exceeds the limit of the next season.

Season Schedule

Games are held every hour between 8am to 10pm(EST) everyday during the season.

  • * The start and end of the game differs according to geographical location.
  • * Time may be slightly adjusted since games are held sequentially.
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