Scouting Screen

You can scout players using points (Pts) earned from playing games. You can add the players you scouted to your roster through the Roster screen. Scouting information will be updated once a day.

Random Scout You can randomly scout fielders, pitchers and a coaches.
Scout Category Displays the scouting category.
Points (Pts) Shows the number of points needed to scout one player.
FIELDER Scouts fielders.
PITCHER Scouts pitchers.
Daily Scout Special Scouts players from a certain category. Category changes daily.
Grade Scout Scouts players of Cost 6 to 10.
Special Order Scouts players using a Scout Ticket.Special Order
Scout List Lists and displays scouted players. The list will disappear when you go back to the Main screen.
Scout Click on this button to scout only 1 player from the selected category.
Back Takes you back to the Main screen.

How to Scout

  1. Select a category by clicking on the icon.
    Unselected Selected
  2. A player will be randomly selected and scouted to your team by clicking "Start Scouting".
  3. The player file for the player you scouted will be displayed. Click "Scout More" to scout for another player. Click "Close" to return to the scouting screen.

    * There is no limit to the amount of players you can scout. As long as you have enough points, you can scout for as many players as you like.

Duplicate Scouting Reports

  • Sometime you may receive a scouting file for a player already on you roster. This has the following three effects.
    1. The player's condition will improve.
    2. A greater chance of the player having a very successful training session.
    3. All a duplicate player's stats will improve by +1.
    • * The maximum amount a player's stats can improve is +5.
    • * Improved player stats are only valid for the team and contract they were acquired in. If a player is traded or their contract ends, their stats will revert back to their default level.
    • * The above effect only apply to players. Duplicate managers do not receive any bonuses.
    • * Duplicate players acquired through trading will only receive effects 1 and 2. Effect 3 only applies to duplicate players acquires through Scouting.

About Special Order

You can use tickets to scout for certain types of players with Special Order.

Ticket Displays the full range of Scout Tickets available in the game.
Number of tickets How many Scout Tickets you own per category.
Details Displays the name and explanation of each Scout Ticket.
TOTAL TICKETS The total number of Scout Tickets you currently hold.
Start Scouting You can scout one player at a time by selecting the Scout Ticket you wish to spend and clicking on "Start Scouting".
Back Takes you back to the Main screen.
  • * The maximum amount of tickets you can hold per Scout Ticket type is 9999.
  • * You will not receive duplicates of players already on your roster through Special Order. However, if you already have all players that correspond to the type of Special Order you select, a dialogue box will open asking whether or not you wish to scout for a duplicate player.
  • * The effect of receiving a duplicate player scouting file through Special Order is the same as through normal scouting (see above).

Player Data

When you scout a player, the player's data will be displayed.
You can check the player's profile, skills and stats.


Data Tab You can switch between the player's profile, skills and stats by clicking each tab.
Uniform The player's uniform number.
Player Name, Team Name The player's name and team name.
Remaining Contract Term (in Cycles) One cycle ends after three seasons followed by the World Tournament. The number of remaining cycles in a player's contract will decrease by 1 as each cycle ends. The contract term will not decrease when you are promoted from the rookie league. Players will leave the team when the remaining cycles in their contract reach 0.
Preferred Position Displays the player's preferred position. There are six fielding positions: Catcher (C), First Baseman (1B), Second Baseman (2B), Third Baseman (3B), Short Stop (SS) and Outfielder (OF). There are four pitching positions: Starting Pitcher (SP), Middle Reliever (MR). Set Up Man (SU) and Closer (C).
Condition The player's condition will change every day. This affects the player's performance during the game.
Dominant Arm Displays the player's dominant arm for batting and throwing.
Abilities Displays the player's performance abilities. Each ability can be improved by training, setting skills and changing the Team Boost.
Player Cost The player's total cost.
Player Abilities
Contact The player's hand eye coordination and their total ability to bat.
Power Displays the player's power level. Players with high power are likely to hit more homeruns.
Run The player's running ability, including their base-running skills.
Throw The player's throwing ability.
Fielding The player's fielding ability, including fast response to hit balls and catching ability.
Clutch Clutch refers to a player's mental strength. Players with a high Clutch perform well under pressure and are more likely to make plays at crucial points in a game.
Stamina Displays the player's stamina. Players with higher stamina can play at their best for more innings.
Speed How fast the player can pitch.
Power Displays the pitch strength of the player. Players with higher power are less likely to allow extra base hits.
Break Displays how much the player can curve their strongest break ball.
Control Displays the player's control over the ball. Players with higher control are less likely to allow walks or hit the batter.
Clutch Clutch refers to a player's mental strength. Players with higher Clutch are mentally stronger under difficult situations.


Player Profile Here you can see the player's details, including their MLB team, MLB debut and country of origin.
TRAINING RECORD Displays the player's training record. Training
Skill Skills the player has acquired through training. Acquiring Skills
Abilities Shows the player's abilities across 6 categories. For fielders, these are Contact (Ct), Power (Pt), Run (Rn) Throw (Tr), Fielding (Fd) and Clutch (Cl). For pitchers, the skills are Stamina (St), Speed (Sp), Power (Pw), Break (Bk), Control (Ct) and Clutch (Cl).
Suitable Positions Displays the player's suitable position. The letter represents the defensive skill level in that position. "S" indicates the highest level of defense skills.


Player Profile Here you can see the player's details, including their MLB team, MLB debut and country of origin.
Season Stats Shows the player's stats for the current regular season.
MORE STATS Click here to see the player's stats from the previous 5 games.
Last Season's Stats The player's MLB stats from the previous season.
MLB.COM Click here to open the player's official MLB database page.
Abilities The player's abilities.
Suitable Positions Displays the player's suitable positions.

About CH Players

What are CH Players?

  • "CH" stands for "Career High".
  • These players will perform as they did during their peak, even if their performance has declined some in their veteran years.
  • CH Players are chosen from currently-active MLB Players.
  • There is at least one CH player for every MLB team.
  • CH Players are acquired via Scouting, but the probability of drawing one is rare.
  • For each CH player there also exists a non-CH version with his current lower ability.

Effect and limitations of CH Player

  • All Training Slots are unlocked for CH Players.
  • While you can acquire both the CH and non-CH version of a player, you cannot place both versions of the same player on your active roster at the same time.
  • CH Players cannot be traded.
  • Up to 7 CH Players can be put into the roster, as long as all 7 CH slots are unlocked.

* A CH Player Limit +1 Ticket is required to add a CH Player to the roster.

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