Main Screen

Main Screen

Management Takes you to the Scout, Roster, Trade and Player Auction screens.
Build Up Takes you to the Card Shop, Training and Support screens.
In-Season Here you can view the Schedule & Stats for in-season games and the World Champion Tournament (WCTs) screen.
Exhibition Here you can play games that take place outside the regular season. These include games against MLB teams, SEGA Dream Teams, and past champions. You can also take part in Tournaments and challenge other players to Ranking matches to earn special bonuses and.
Data Takes you to the Team Data and Player Album screens.
Premium Service Browse the Service Menu, Arcade or SC Transactions see what extra things you can buy to give your team the edge.
System Takes you to the Mail, Friend List, Team Search, Delete Team and Logout screens.
HOMETOWN You can view the hometown information by clicking on this button. Hometown Screen
Team Logo Your team's logo.
Name of Team Your team name.
Class Your team's current class.
Regular Season Stats Displays the stats for the current season (Rookie Class, Regular Season, Champions Tournament, World Tournament).
Status Here you can easily see whether you have received a new mail, which of your friends are logged in, and whether you have a trade registered. About icons
Regular Season Standings Displays the team standing for the current regular season.
World and Cycle The current World and cycle your team belongs to.
Points How many points you have available to spend.
SC Displays the amount of SC(SEGA Coins) you currently hold. Click on "ADD" to jump to the SC purchase page.
Information Important information such as special discounts, schedule news and maintenance are shown here.
Help Click to display the online Play Guide for each screen.
Music Volume Click here to display the music volume control bar.
Server Time Click here to see the current server time. Regular season and tournament game start times are based on this clock.
Chat Click here to open the Chat window.
Hometown View Displays the current view of your hometown. Your hometown will change as you progress through the game.
Mission Icon The Mission screen will be displayed by clicking on the icon. You can acquire rewards for successfully completing the missions. How to view the Mission screen
NEXT GAME Displays the remaining time until the next game and the opponent's team logo.
By clicking the team logo, you can check out your opponent's team roster. Team Data
Invite Friends Click here to open the Invite Friends screen in a separate window

Status Icons

Mail Icon The Mail window will open by clicking on this icon.Mailbox screen
Online Friends Icon Lights up when a friend is logged in. Click on the icon to open your Friends List. How to view the Friend List screen
Trade Icon Lights up when you receive trade offer or trade results. The Trade window will open by clicking on this icon. How to view the Trade screen
WCT Icon Lights up during the WCT. The WCT window will open by clicking on this icon.What is the World Champions Tournament (WCT)?
Tournament Results Icon Lights up when the results to the tournament you have competed in are released. The Tournament window will open by clicking on this icon. How to View the Tournament Selection Screen
Service Usage Icon Click here to jump to the Service Usage menu and see which extra services you are currently using. The icon will be highlighted if a time limited service (CH Player Limit, Manager Choice Slot, Team Boost Slot, Player Support Card Slot) is within 3 days of its expiry date.Service Usage

Mission Screen

You will be transferred to the Mission screen by clicking on the Mission icon.
Basic operations for MLB Manager Online are taught in a tutorial format. You will be rewarded with a prize when you successfully complete a mission.

Mission Title Displays the title of the mission.
Topic What you have to do to complete the mission.
Prize The prize awarded for completing the mission.
Location Where you need to go to achieve the mission.
Condition Displays the objectives of the mission.
Advice Here you can read advice on how to complete the mission.
Back Takes you back to the Main screen.

Hometown Screen

Your hometown will develop based on game progress. You can acquire rewards such as Training Cards and Support Cards based on your hometown development.
Your game progress will determine the area of your hometown development. For example, purchasing Training Cards will develop your commercial district. Please note that your hometown will reset every 5 cycles (6 cycles for your first play).

Total Development Level and Cycles Left Displays the total development level of your current hometown, and the cycles left until the development level is reset.
Top Development and Rating Records Displays the highest ever level of development and rating for your entire hometown.

* Effective from the 6th cycle onwards.

Monument Develops according to the results of the regular season games or the Champions Tournament.
Business Develops by trading players in World Trade, etc.
Transportation Develops by playing Exhibition matches against the CPU.
Public District Develops by playing Friends matches or by using Support Cards.
Parking Lot Develops by playing Ranking matches.
Residential Develops by scouting players.
Commercial Develops when you shop for items.
Sports Develops as your train your team.
Status Bar Shows your current development level for each area.
Show Info Click to show or hide the development info of your hometown.
Back Takes you back to the Main screen.
  • * The maximum Total Development Level is 100%.
  • * Once you have reached 100% Total Development Level you will not be able to increase the development level of individual areas of your town. You will also no longer receive points for actions that usually develop your town, such as trading players or shopping for items.
  • * Once you have achieved a Total Development Level of 100% you can either wait for your Home Town to reset automatically (see 1 above) or use the Hometown Reset service from the Service Menu in the Premium pull down menu.
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