Friendly Match

In Friendly Matches, you can play against your registered Friends! You must acquire friends first before you can compete in Friendly Matches.

Friend List

How to view Friendly Match screen

Registered Friends Displays how many friends you have registered.
Status Displays your status icon you have setup when you are online.Introduction
Team Displays a list of your registered friend's team names.
Owner Displays list of team owners.
Class Displays your current ranking in the regular season.
RS rank Display your current ranking in the regular season.
RM rank Displays your current ranking from Ranking Matches.
WT tank Displays your previous ranking in the last World Tournament.
Player list Displays information on your registered friends.
Play Takes you to the Starting Lineup screen.
Back Takes you back to the VS Player screen.

Flow of Friendly Match

  1. Click on "Play" after choosing a team you wish to compete against from the matchup screen.
  2. Choose if you want to play in your home stadium or on the road, and click "OK" to confirm.
  3. The Starting Lineup screen will be displayed. Click on "Watch Sim" to watch your team play, or click on "Quick Sim" if you wish to check the score only. Click on "Change SP" button to change starting pitchers. Changing Starting Pitchers
  4. You will go back to the Friendly Match screen by closing the Scoreboard screen after the game. Scoreboard
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