Champions Tournament

After each Regular Season ends, The Champions Tournament is held for the top 4 teams of the season for each class.
Trophies and plaques will be given as an award to the champion and vice-champion of each class. Points and tickets will also be given, according to the team's rank and class.

Your Team Takes you to your team's tournament schedule screen by clicking the tab during the Champions Tournament.
Top 8 Displays the tournament brackets for the top 8 teams.
MVP Displays the MVP of the tournament.
Participating Teams Displays the top 8 teams participating in the Champions Tournament.
Matchup Node Past games that can be viewed will be highlighted in red when clicking the node. Click "Watch Sim" to view the game.
Watch Sim Click to display past games by selecting the matchup node from the tournament bracket.
Scoreboard Click to display game results by selecting the matchup node from the tournament bracket.
Back Takes you back to the Main screen.

Game length and rules of the Champions Tournament

  • Champions Tournaments are held from 8am everyday. The schedule for the second game on will be set automatically depending on the time the previous game finishes. However, the games by the top 8 teams will be held every hour from 8pm.
  • Since it is a knockdown tournament, your team will be eliminated from the Champions Tournament one you lose.
  • Champions Tournament will not be held in the Rookie League.
  • In case only one league exists in the Regular Season, the Champions Tournament will be held among the top 8 teams of that specific league.
  • The ranking of the teams under top 3 will depend on the ranking of the opponent. For example, the team that lost against the champion team will be ranked higher than the other teams that fought for fourth place.
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