You can checkout the standings and stats of the teams in the registered league for the regular season game.

Standings screen

Item Tab Switches to each tab.
Standings Switches to Standings screen.
Records Switches to Records screen.
Rank change Switches to Rank Changes screen.
Team & Ranking Displays the name of each team and their current ranking.
Data Displays the Standings information of each team including wins & losses, win percentage, and games behind.
Pull down menu Displays a list of data categories you can choose to show.Pull down menu
Back Takes you back to the Main screen.

How to view the Records screen

Displays the records of games played with each team in the league.

Using the team ranked 1st as the example, the horizontal numbers included in the red box displays this team's win-loss record against every other team. The vertical numbers included in the blue box displays the win-loss record each other team has against this team.

How to view the Rank Changes screen

Each team's change in rank is represented by a line graph. The graph for the selected team will be displayed in red.

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