Player Album

In the Player Album, you can check acquired players and managers by their MLB affiliation.
You'll win prizes for completing teams.

Team List Displays the number of acquired players from each MLB franchise.
Prize Displays the prize won for completing each team.
Map The 30 MLB teams are displayed on the map. Teams can be selected by clicking on the circles.
View Album Select a team or circle on the map and click the View Player Album button to view acquired players.
Back Takes you back to the Main Menu.
Select League Switches between American League and National League.
Teams by Leagues Displays teams under the selected league.
Teams Displays selected Team name.
Fielders / Pitchers Switches the category between fielders and pitchers.
Player List Displays acquired players. The silhouette is replaced by a photo when a player is acquired.
Back Returns back to Player Album.
  • * In case players are newly added with the version upgrade, you will be rewarded 10,000 points if you re-collect "All Fielders" and "All Pitchers" for the selected team. No other conditions apply to being awarded 10,000 after being awarded once.
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