Live Match Screen

Enjoy watching your game as though you are watching it live! You can skip to the results screen, watch the game in fast forward, go back to the last inning, and skip innings while watching.

Team logo/score Displays each team's logo and score.
Inning/balls/strikes/outs "▲"Represents the top of the current inning, and "▼"represents the bottom of the current inning. This is also where balls, strikes, and outs are displayed for the current half of the inning.
On base status Displays the runners on base. The base will turn red when a runner is on it.
Acquired points (Pts) Displays the number of points you have acquired during the current game. You can use these points to scout new players or purchase items.
Home team player data Displays data for Hitters and Pitchers from the home team.
Game controls Allows you to control the speed of the game.About the game control buttons
Visiting team player data Displays data for Hitters and Pitcher from the visiting team.

About the game control buttons

Previous inning Takes you back to the previous inning. Option not available during first inning.
Last time at bat Takes you back to the last time at bat. Option not available while first hitter is batting.
Fast forward Speeds up the game progress. Set speed back to normal by pressing button again.
Next inning Skips to the next inning.
End game Skips the game and take you to the results screen.
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