In MLB Manager Online, you can participate in many different tournament events. These events consist of Hosted Events, National Events, and Fan Challenges. These events are all held in each World. All teams within the same World, including the Rookie class, can participate in these events. The top teams will be awarded with Player Files or Training Cards. Come play and join the fun!

How to View the Tournament Selection Screen

Hosted Event A regular tournament hosted by SEGA every week.
National Event A National tournament between regional champions.
Fan Challenge A tournament between fan team champions.
Past Champions Displays the past champions for each tournament.
Information Displays the description of the selected tournament.
OK Confirms the selected tournament as the event to participate in.
Back Takes you back the Main screen.

How to view each Event

Tournament Slot Displays the name and the current status of your team and the tournament.
Current Team Status Displays the current registered status of your team.
  • Unregistered: not registered yet, but able to participate.
  • Registered: already registered.
  • No Participation: unable to participate.
Current status of the tournament Displays the current status of the tournament.
  • In Preparation: Tournament has been announced.This appears before signups begin.
  • Signup Open: Tournament is ready for player registration.
  • Signup Closed: Participants for the tournament has reached its limit. Players can no longer register for tournament.
  • Game Underway: Tournament games are currently being held. Await game results.
  • Results: Tournament has ended and results are being announced.
Participants The number on the left shows the current number of teams registered, and the number on the right shows the fixed number of teams that can participate in the tournament.
Signup Start Displays the date when you can start signing up for tournaments.
Tournament Start Displays the opening day of the tournament.
Results Closed Displays the date when the results are closed. You will be removed from the tournament slot after this date.
Entry Free Displays the points needed to participate in tournaments.
Prize Displays the prize to be given to the top team.

* The number of prizes given out depends on the tournament.

Comment from Operations Displays information from the Operation Team.
Refresh Updates the Tournament screen.
Join Enables you to join the selected tournament.
Back Takes you back to the Tournament Selection screen.

System and Rules of Tournaments

  • All teams can participate despite their class.
  • You can participate in up to two events at the same time including Hosted Events, National Events,and Fan Challenges. If you participate in two events, those events must be different, you cannot participate in two of the same type of event.
    a) You cannot participate in two Host Events at the same time.
    b) You can participate in one Host Event and one Fan Challenge.
  • Your selected player roster prior to the tournament opening is the roster used in the tournament
  • Game are played non stop from the beginning to the final match. Therefore, you cannot change players/roster during the tournament.
  • The tournament is organized in a 1-loss knockout format. If you lose one game, you are out of the tournament.
  • The first set of matchups in the tournament are chosen at random. The tournament ends when a winner is declared.

    * There are no advantages/disadvantages to playing home or road games

  • Every tournament has a limit to how many teams can participate. Registration for the tournament will end once it has reached its limit of participants.
    • * Limit depends on the tournament
    • * NPC teams may participate in tournaments if not enough players have registered.
  • You can cancel your registration for a tournament by clicking the "Cancel" button before the tournament starts.
  • If a tournament has no participants, the tournament will be cancelled.

How to view the Past Champions Screen

Tournament Selection Tab Displays the past 50 champions of the selected event.
Past Champion Records Displays the name of tournament, owner, team and date of victory.
Back Takes you back to the Tournament Selection screen.
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